The Design and Fabrication Process is a Blast! And it's all about YOU.

Mastercraft Carpet Makers is a creative enterprise, and we direct this creative process right into your home. What does your style say about you? Are you sophisticated, whimsical, traditional, modern? Or none of the above?

Maybe you need to explore new ideas for your rug design. Here’s a fun fact: It’s OK to add a different style into the mix, and this needs to be done skillfully, for example, by working with the same color palette you have in place. We offer a few more helpful tips in our free Design Tip Guide below.

We understand there are limitations to buying rugs from dealers and online outlets. We’ve encountered clients who were searching for months without success. We’ve helped these frustrated clients find solutions and we can help you too.

About Us: Mastercraft Carpet Makers was launched in June of 1991 by Russell Webb. With over 30 years of experience, Mastercraft has developed a relaxed, creative approach emphasizing beauty in all of our rug designs. 

“All that matters to me is helping my clients feel the thrill and satisfaction of finding the right design and then, with anticipation, rolling out the finished rug.” – Russell