Have Questions? We have answers.

You're not alone, people just like you are curious about our company and exactly how we can help with your solution. Look through some of our most common questions - you might be wondering the same thing. Then go the bottom of this page and get your free Design Guide.

Can you explain the fabrication process ?

Custom rug fabrication is a multi-step process that generates a high-end finished product. These steps include: Design and layout, custom inlay, and hand carving / beveling. This carving process adds a wonderful 3 dimensional touch that POPs the design. There are many facets to consider when working with us. We can replicate existing designs. We can keep designs simple w/ no carving. We can go into large scale projects. We’re very flexible. From start to finish, all steps are done in-house at our studio in Sedona, AZ. 

How much do these beautiful rugs cost ?

We have included a general rate sheet on our pricing page. We can give rough estimates on any project once we have gathered enough information during the initial consult. One way to keep costs down is to go with simple designs, like borders around the perimeter of the rug. This is a great way to introduce color and create an understated look in the room.  Ask about our border collection for very affordable ideas. Naturally, costs go up as we get into more intricate designwork.

How long does it take to make a personalized custom rug ?

We usually see a turn around time of 4 weeks. We have many rugs in production at one time. Often we are producing multiple rugs for one client, so this production window varies with demand: 6 – 8 weeks is not uncommon for larger projects.

How does the design from scratch process work ?

After initial consult, we receive a deposit. Then we generate the proposed artwork in an illustrator program. We create two versions w/ a few color layouts. We then arrange a second meeting and hash out the details, like color preferences and carpet styles. We usually go back into the studio for final revisions. Once artwork is approved, we go into production. 

Do you work with wall-to-wall carpet installations ?

Yes. Imagine wall to wall carpet with design elements added to enhance the space. When you decide to re-carpet your home, you can have us fabricate your favorite design into your new carpet, then we can direct the installation. Check out examples of this on our ‘success stories’ page. 

Do you have experience with carpeted staircase designs ?

Yes. Custom staircase runners can add a special touch to your home. There are a few options with this approach. We can guide you in the right direction if you need help. See examples of staircase projects on our ‘success stories’ page. 

Are these rugs woven on a loom ?

They are not woven on a loom. Although technically ALL carpet does go through a weaving process. Broadloom is the standard term used by most carpet mills. Broad as in 12′ across, with capacity to make long runs. Our approach to rug fabrication is ideal for US markets. As we utilize many carpet styles, and can access a wide range of goods. We order all colors we need, then fabricate the project quickly and efficiently. Our emphasis is on QUALITY.

Do you accept online orders? And do you ship nationwide?

Yes and yes. We have extensive experience working through online channels. We have shipped rugs all over the world. Our focus, over the past decade, has been on the corporate marketplace: schools, corporate lobbies, small business, trade-shows, and government.


What is the process for commercial projects, for example, with logo rugs ?

First we discuss pricing. Our product is in a premium class, so we need to be clear if we are the right fit for clients needs. Once we have a logo on file, we generate artwork layouts, then order is received, and we add the project into our production schedule. Delivery 2-4 weeks. You may be surprised at the demand for logos in carpet – we sure were! 

What is the durability and lifespan of one of your rugs ?

In general, we are using highest quality materials designed to last many years. We’ve had rugs on floors for 20+ years. So yes, high durability. There comes a time when change is good, maybe the client wants a new look. And we’ve replaced rugs that were holding up fine, for something fresh and new. Frequent vacuuming goes a long way toward extending the life of a rug.